Blackmoon Culture resident Leung one of the most well respected psytrance and
progressive dj’s in the scene today.
Without Leung’s support and dedication,
there would probably be little or no psytrance scene in Thailand.
He is the spirit of Phangan trance.
Leung has had a strong passion for dance music since he was a youngster,
that led him to create Blackmoon Culture back in the early 90’s.
Now Blackmoon is a world renowned trance gathering
and a favorite of most of the party people who travel to Phangan.
In recent years Dj Leung has been a regular at parties and festival across Europe
including the Vuuv, Antaris, and Fullmoon.
He now plans to create a new label – Magic Phangan records.
Leung is also the co-organizer of “The Experience.”