...was created in 1996 by 2 russian musicians - Alexey Kurkin (Alex) an Viktor Zolotorenko(Zolod).
Alex and Zolot met in 1995 on one of the trance parties in a club named "Lesss".
Alex has a big experience as a musician and used to play various instruments.
Viktor was groving up with his dad who was a gipsy violinist.
Deeply inspired by the psychedelic culture, both of them found a mutual interest to develope their musical skills into electronic style. In 1996 guys started the project "Parasense".

They joined the label Acidance records and the album "Apple" has been released in 2001.
In 2003 they released the 3d album "Avangard" also on Acid Dance records.
At the same time their 4th album "Present-Past-Future" came out on Crystal Matrix.

In 2004 Alex and Zolod split up. Zolod started his own projects, but Alex continued with Parasense.
Tragically Zolod died on January 4th, 2006.

In 2006 Alex, Stu (Bomshanka rec.) and Psymmetrix created "Bomshanka Music" label.
By now it is one of the top labels releasing quality psychedelic trance music.