Roma was born in Brazil and went to live in U.K in 2001,
he start his psychedelic life on London at the "acid techno" squat parties in the UK.
Soon in 2003 he met the acid monkey and wild things crews and start to play was just natural to him.
After 3 years on 2004 Dj Roma comeback to Brazil.
Very quickly he became known by his powerful sets and proper mixes and
in 2006 he was invited by DJ Shane Goby to join the legendary Alchemy Rec, also he has play at the major parties on Brazil like XXXPerience, Boom festival, Universo Paralelo, and many more...
Also in 2006 Roma Start to experiment at his home studio
and create what is now MENTAL BROADCAST
and have being rocking the dance floors around the globe since,
in 2008 Roma join the 24/seven crew, based on Austria.
Mental Broadcast is serious Psychedelic music with fat bass lines,
groovy beats, cutting edge breaks, surprising buildups
produced in collaboration with various artists like , Materia, Tron, Etic, Sonic Species.... 

Mental broadcast has released in april 2011 his first album named "SIGNALS" .