Earthling is the solo project of Dj Celli.
Celli was born on the island of Ibiza in 1977.
In the early 90's, he began going to Full Moon parties and clubs on the island.
In1992, he began working with Art Party in Ibiza, and learned the art of party organizing.

When the first Psychedelic Trance arrived on the island,
Celli fell in love with the music, and he and his friends began organizing their own parties.
These parties were very successful, and helped to kick off the psytrance scene in Ibiza,
which is still very popular today.
In the year 1998, after six years of making parties, and djing
Celli began creating his own music, shortly afterwards he formed his solo project…
Earthling, releasing his first tracks on T.I.P. and Neurobiotic records, and his debut album "Patterns" on Acidance records in 2001, which gave him global recognition,
and launched his career as an international Dj and performer. 
Shortly afterward, with his friends of legendary Psytrance group GMS,
he formed a new group called Soundaholix .
He currently tours continuously, bringing his unique style of psytrance to all corners of the globe.