Blackmoon Culture guest Amrit


...DJ Amrit can be called as one of the true pioneers of the Global Trance Scene. He started DJing in 1989 in India where he got infected of Trance Music along with his friend DJ Sangeet a short time before. After his return from India he started to collect Trance Music.
Amrit did a lot of non commercial parties that time together with DJ Scotty.
In 1992 Amrit played at the legendary first Voov Experience. Later fom 1996 – 2001 Amrit took a break from the scene but came back in 2002 joining the Munich based Artists United where he gained a lot of popularity.
Since that time Amrit played at several festivals such as Voov Experience, Antaris Project, FullMoon Festival, Shiva Moon and Sonnenklang as well as in different parties around Europe and Thailand.
Amrit is a true master in getting connected to the people on the dancefloor. He simply has the feeling for the right music at the right time so he can play any set at any time...
and be sure: he never plays a set twice, as he will everytime be a “brandnew” DJ Amrit as he is always “dedicated to the moment”. His style varies from “fullpower fullon” to “progressive fullon” to “psychedelic morning”.......and leaving the Isra PopTrancePath completely.